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My interest in photography began around six years ago, when I received my first camera as a Christmas gift. I remember thinking it was the best thing in the world; I would obsess over taking photographs of my friends and my surroundings and I would love going home at the end of every dinner or day trip to the beach and whittling them down to my favourites.
Five years later, studying Art History at the University of St Andrews, I have a completely different understanding of photography, how I can improve my skills and how to think critically when taking photographs. Studying Art History made me want to travel and see all the wonderful art I was discussing so desperately, and so I did.
My interest in travelling finally materialised when I spent ten weeks travelling through East Asia with my boyfriend. For me photography became a way of sharing my experiences with the people at home or, in the case of my blog, for people who had an interest in the places I was visiting. I remember after being too embarrassed to share my work for so long, getting the feedback I need to continue documenting my travels with both photographs and words. My previous trips I had already photographed, and I was able to add more and more content to the blog to make it what it is today.
I love to travel, and I love to capture every detail I can of each place I visit in order to share it. This summer we will be spending five weeks travelling through Europe and a subsequent five in Bali, Flores Kuala Lumpur and Komodo.
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November 04, 2016

nice shots!

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