Bowler and Beach

After enjoying great success with their first collection this summer, an exciting new men’s luxury beachwear brand Bowler and Beach - combine British style with Portuguese flair. With their range of designer swim shorts, the two founders, brothers Matt and BJ Hepworth, are developing a brand known for its stylish, high quality beachwear with distinctive prints and signature design details.
Inspired by childhood memories of time spent sharing the idyllic Portuguese sun, brothers Matt and BJ started Bowler & Beach with the aim of creating a men's beachwear brand which evokes great memories of times shared in the sun.
Co-founder Matt said: “Whether partying at a sun-drenched beach club in Ibiza, enjoying a beautiful beach on the coast, or relaxing by the pool, Bowler & Beach really encompasses the carefree spirit of living for the moment and collecting countless memories along the way.”
Matt and BJ are both passionate about creating distinctive swim shorts that turn heads wherever they are worn, whilst being comfortable and able to withstand the rigours of having fun in the sun time and time again. Their shorts are designed in London and made in Portugal where there is a rich heritage of skilled craftsmen and women making luxury swim shorts using the best quality fabric and trims.
BJ explains, “special care has been taken to incorporate signature Bowler & Beach design details on each short such as the “share the sun” button on the back pocket, the matching draw-rope and print colour, and the coordinated carry pouches.”