Bula Batiki Coconut Oil

‘Bula’ means ‘hello’ in Fijian, and is also used to wish someone good health. That is exactly our aim: to improve the health of both our customers and of the Fijian community in Batiki Island. We hope you feel a little closer to our Fijian coconut oil after seeing exactly where, how and who has made it, and the impact your purchases are having upon the community.
Our primary aim is to establish a sustainable source of income for the rural island of Batiki in Fiji. Producing coconut oil allows the villagers to earn more than double their previous income form selling copra (dried coconut). We are 100% ethical in all stages of our product, from the second the coconut first sows its seed into the ground, to the second it reaches you.
Callum and Ellis first went to Batiki Island as volunteers with a brilliant charity called Think Pacific, where they participated on a building and sports project in 2012. During the project they formed such close attachments with our host families that Callum returned for the next two years to spend Christmas with them, enjoying Fijian life and the amazing culture.
Having seen the struggle to generate a decent income on the island, they really wanted to be able to do something that could help not only the families they had stayed with, but the island as a whole. The Fijians have taught us so much about their way of life, a culture that we have loved right from the moment we arrived. Having seen that the island was able to produce coconut oil, and knowing the high demand for coconut oil in the UK, they spent the next year working and putting together different business grant applications to try and get enough money to trial the idea.
Having been successful in applications, they were then able to put the business concept forward to the island. The villagers were extremely interested in starting this venture, and for their trial batch produced 160 litres that was sent across to the UK. And now here they are today!
Vinaka! (thank you)
**GVS Co. make no profit from the sale of this product. We have decided to support the cause as we love the idea and the concept behind it! So please buy and support the lovely Batiki Islanders!