Silverstick are an adventure goods company based on the south coast of England. They create high quality, eco-conscious clothing for outdoor people.
The Silverstick journey started in 2010 when a love of adventure and the environment inspired them to create a collection of T-shirts for people who enjoy outdoor sports and activities.
They wanted to put the outdoors and sustainability at the foundation of our design. Buy once, wear often, love forever was epitomised by our made for life motto.
So they sourced high quality organic cotton fabric, created an active fit, flat locked every seam for greater comfort and hand printed the tees with outdoor motifs in eco friendly inks.
The name Silverstick was inspired by outdoor sports and activities. Stick is a general term to denote a surfboard or a skateboard. Their bird logo symbolises our commitment to create clothing in harmony with environment.
Since then they have expanded our mens and womens ranges, continuing to develop products with an active spirit and strong connection to nature. They call them adventure goods as they are perfect for exploring the ocean, the trail and the mountains.
Whether you use a board, a bike or a camera, the outdoors is your playground. Explore more in British adventure goods made for life.