The Detonator

The New Detonator has been redesigned and updated for maximum performance, for fast paced and progressive surfing. Without a doubt our ultimate all-round high performance short board.

Its redesigned tail and fin set ups allow you to pick and choose how many fins you want from thruster to a quad depending on conditions making this board extremely versatile in big and small waves.

SBS have increased the volume in key areas and slightly lowered the nose entry rocker to make this board easier to paddle and catch waves without losing that instant responsiveness for quick rail to rail transitions.

Its modern foil and rail profiles help give this board that high performance feel in bigger waves without sacrificing planning speed in smaller less power full waves.

It has a pronounced concave combined with a medium nose and tail rocker making this an ideal board for intermediate to advanced surfers looking for a board with an instance response that works great in the pocket.

The design of the detonator surfboard allows it to generate high-speed on the critical sections of the wave, whilst also letting you perform quick turns and amazingly short arcs within seconds. The rail profiles allows for extreme manoeuvrability throughout turns whilst maintaining maximum control.

SBS recommend the detonator surfboard for Intermediate to Advanced surfers, and best in waist-high to well overhead surf.

Option to also add a kit bundle which includes:  Board + Bag + Traction pad + Leash + Wax (extra £50)


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